Dip Pen and Ink Drawings

Here are just several dip pen and ink drawings I still have available for purchase. There are others. These represent the approach – single or multicolor inks, different subject matters, different sizes. As you can imagine they take a lot of time, and indeed they do. A large one taking months.

A price list is found after the last drawing.

#1 Old Faithful Lodge Winter
#2 Iris of Two Colors
#3 Dipper Searching
#4 Dipper Pondering Higher Heights
#5 Deep Determination Dipper
#6 Little Things So Important

  • #1 Old Faithful Lodge Winter, framed 5″-8″, $350.00
  • #2 Iris of Two Colors, Sold
  • #3 Dipper Searching, framed 8″-13″, $525.00
  • #4 Dipper Contemplating Higher Heights, framed 8″-12.5″, $475.00
  • #5 Deep Determination Dipper, framed 14″-9.5″, $425.00
  • #6 Little Things So Important, Sold

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