In January 2021 Paulick family members initiated a family tree effort.  We found our grandparents had roots in Ukraine.  They escaped to America to avoid a growing Russian occupation of Ukraine.

            Having these roots and seeing the current Russian invasion of Ukraine inspired me to help Ukrainians.  I decided to donate 100% of my gross 2022 art sales to CARE’s Ukrainian Crisis Fund.  This commitment starts at the March 17-19, 2022 Out West Art Show – Montana Watercolor Society booth at the Heritage Inn.  I will continue this donation effort for all 2022 art sales.

            As I approach my ageing years, I’ve asked myself what have I given back to humanity for the gift of creating art that I was given?  For the most part, I’ve lived a  comfortable life. I have never suffered like so many in this world.  Today there is a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine brought on by an authoritarian Russian leader.

            My Ukrainian humanitarian effort is simply the RIGHT thing for me to help Ukrainians rebuild their lives.